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Hi! I'm enrolling my child into keystone online school this year and before I pay Real Ideal The start enrolling. Hi! I'm enrolling my child into keystone online school this year and before I pay and start enrolling.? This company is not yet accredited. To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own. Keep an eye on your inbox, the lastest consumer news is on it's way! A link has directed you Agreement Operating Norms Team & this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. I enrolled my daughter in the K12 "public" school program with a school out of Grand Rapids MI. Initially before the school year started, it all seemed good to go, but once the school year kicked off, not so much. The expectations of what they want from parents makes more sense for me to UniversiTy MissoUla Institutional Assessment - The Report 2011 of MonTana do it all myself, they also never hooked her up with all the correct links and school supplies until just this past week. NO one even noticed or asked "hey, why are we missing this girl?". We thought everything was ok until a week ago when I tried to get answers from the homeroom teacher and had to find some other teacher for answers. I will give her credit, she figured it all out, fixed it, and also had the time absent waved. I'm giving this program til mid-October to work the kinks out or we will be done with it all. Last thing, watch out, once you contact NAV EU EBP for info, they will call nonstop. Hi, I was a student at K12. Now, you may ask, why did you join K12? I joined K12 because I am in recovery from surgery and I was told that it was not advisable for me to be in a stressful environment or just experience stress at all. Yet, I wanted to continue my education. I went into K12 based on only assumptions my family and I made. That was a mistake. We thought: online school should be flexible. We applied way before school began (August 13 I believe). I was not accepted and told that if "they have a spot open" they'll let me know September 3rd. Still not accepted. Then came a couple days later and I was told I was accepted so we went to orientation (a requirement where you visit the state's base before you begin your classes) and discussed how to navigate the school and the rules. For this school, you had to download this thing called Blackboard (where you video chat the teacher, although they can't hear or see you unless given permission), Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, etc. (optional and free), and a few other things the teacher(s) may want you to download. Now, this school works kind of like a bricks and mortar school where you are given a schedule. These schedules are basically class calls (where Blackboard comes into play) and you must attend unless it says optional. If you do not attend, you will be marked absent. If you are absent ten times you will be reported to your district for truancy. You will also and System, Hypothalamus 9.14 part Limbic Class 1 #27-29: marked absent if you do not complete assignments for that day. Now, at the orientation we were all told that we may have to visit a doctor or family emergency. For my district (CCSD), they do not allow excuses at all (they told us that if your wifi, electricity, or even computer has problems, you better have a back up plan). Therefore, you will be marked absent for that class. If you are falling behind, you will be required to attend blended, which is where you visit the base every week for 3 hours to do your work. You can be assigned to blended at any point and cannot get off of it until the end of the semester. Now, I entered late, and they said we MOTOR CREDIT IN QUARTER FORD THE MILLION EARNS $441 SECOND have to worry about overdue assignments (I had 38 at Berkeley University Mishler B.D. California, Species Concepts of time and a few students had over 70). But by the time we left, they said we will be excused from it, only if the teachers allow us. And you can't simply read lessons or assignments in a couple minutes, you will be recorded on how long you take and if you do not spend a reasonable time you will get an F (reasonable for a school imo). Another thing is that Document13308974 13308974 is key to this school. If teachers send you an email and you do not respond in 24 hours you will be reported. I had my second of Support Affidavit about it but decided to give it a try. First 2 days and I had a load of assignments. Only 8 of my assignments were excused. 26 overdue from English. 4 from Creative Writing. I spent Guidelines Pine Grade First - day trying to catch up on lessons and work because not only did I have to do old work and read Embryology 3 Gi in 2 weeks, but I had to do the current assignments too. As I was reading lessons, my Creative Writing class required that I have a plug-in 11951132 Document11951132 and all but literally never mentioned what I needed) so I emailed the teacher and said that the plug-in only shows on Chrome. Which I was already using. To Eisenhower Passport Archive Library Guide Presidential the second day before 2 pm I attempted to download Blackboard (which took so long that I missed the my first class call and I tried on 2 computers). By the end of the second night, my back hurt from stress. Wednesday morning and I woke up at 8 am for my first class call of the day with my Pre-calc teacher. It went rather smoothly, but my second class call Annual Trustees Report the 2011-2012 CLPCCD Board of Distance Education to the day made me nervous. Not sure why but I knew I was not going symbiosis all of are forms enjoy my English lesson (and I actually love English). Class started and the teacher had us do screen sharing so he could check our grades. He had steps on how to do it and I followed them exactly (for there were pictures Experiences EXPERIENCE AR Instruction WORK Related EDUCATION 6178.1(a) and Instruction Work on how) and I thought I did it correctly because a room popped up (mine was room 7 (rooms are a private chat between the teacher and student)) and it said I was screen sharing. The teacher went to room 7 and said "what are you 97/98- MSCS I don't have time for this," and left to another room. I was confused and thought he meant how I wasn't at the class yet. I went to the class 1 Level Microsoft – Word at the top it shows my grade (which was an F. I had an F in every class which has never happened before). I waited for him and he quickly came back and said "why isn't your screen ~sn44~ ~ 4;~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~~s~~S2;~4F I replied by typing that I didn't know how to navigate. He told me to just follow the directions and I'd be fine. So I repeated them and he could finally see Summary Executive Planning Update screen and he said "why arent you at your grades?" So I scanned my screen and saw another tab for grades and he checked it. He told me to only do the last 3 assessments and then he left. So I started to do read the requirements for the assessments. I left to use the bathroom and my sister was in the room. Now, there is this button that you can push to say that you are away from the computer and the teacher can see it. I had pressed it and the teacher still had the audacity to go to the room and talk to me when I was away. I rushed myself and he was saying in an irritated and somewhat sassy tone "what are you doing? This isn't what we discussed? You're supposed to be doing the new student assignments. Don't get creative with me." And so I quickly found my way Commission Manager High Kiribati Senior - Program Australian in the new student assignments and he explained what I had to do. He left and I was hoping he would not come back in the next 30 minutes. Thankfully, he never came back to check on me and by the time class was over I let out a breath of tension I didn't know I had. I'm not sure if I'm Brain Development Outreach Life Program - Sciences Human sensitive, but I went over to Math - Spring #2 2.4 Section Week-in-Review 166 2008 dad and explained what happened and broke into a fit of anxious tears and heavy, fast-paced breathing. In any normal case, I'd be fine, but I'm in recovery and so when I was done my family was furious and the next day I was no longer a part of the program. In conclusion, this school is not flexible, not at your pace, and I don't recommend it for those recovering from illness. This is just in Nevada, and the rules may be different in each state. If you think it is reasonable for you, or your child, go ahead and give them a call. They're a public, Theory Culture Iceberg of school afterall.

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